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The original rights education application!

Know your rights. Exercise your rights. Preserve your freedom. Oh Crap App is created to assist users in learning and exercising their legal rights as well as to avoid being stopped by law enforcement in the first place.

Prevention through education is a focal point of Oh Crap App. You don’t have to be a criminal to be stopped by law enforcement. Do you know the most common reason that otherwise law-abiding citizens can be pulled over by law enforcement without committing a moving violation? Oh Crap App does and we implement research and statistics to educate users on their risk of interacting with law enforcement as well as to help our users avoid finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Practice makes perfect. Many unfortunate situations can be avoided by citizens simply educating themselves and understanding how to confidently invoke their legal rights. Oh Crap App is
original police interaction application and is the ONLY resource that educates users of their legal rights on a national level. It is one thing to read about your legal rights. It is another thing
to be able to interactively educate yourself and practice effectively exercising those same rights. The new training function of Oh Crap App now provides the user with an interactive
experience that helps them learn and practice exercising their legal rights.

As has always been the case, Oh Crap App also allows the user to record law any encounter with law enforcement and save the recording securely on our remote server for later use when the recording is stopped.

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