Oh Crap! App — Version 4.0

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Oh Crap! AppBe in the know and out of trouble with Oh Crap App. Go out, have fun, be smart, get home safe - regardless of where you are at in the United States. Oh Crap App is the go-to lifestyle resource designed to protect and entertain individuals who enjoy socializing but who also insist that their legal rights be respected and protected. Oh Crap App now features “Crap Chat” which allows users to post and receive special food and drink offers from local establishments, traffic enforcement alerts such as road block or speed trap warnings, or other social and community notifications. It still features the emergency “Oh Crap!” button designed to be used in emergency situations where a person is being stopped or questioned by law enforcement. This app also has additional features such as an informational Blood Alcohol Calculator, Legal Rights Advisory and Top 5 Ways to Avoid a DUI.

  • “Crap Chat” - Access “Crap Chat” to post and receive alerts regarding special food and drink special offers from neighboring businesses, traffic enforcement alerts such as road blocks or speed traps, along with other community and social announcements from within your community. Traveling to some place new? Make sure you have enabled your location services and Oh Crap App will provide you with the alerts that have been posted in that new community. Filter events that you want to receive alerts for under the “settings” section of the app.
  • Oh Crap App also features the emergency “Oh Crap!” button designed to be used during interactions with law enforcement. Oh Crap App is THE original police interaction application. Click the “Oh Crap!” button and receive a few simple legal reminders, record the interaction and have a lawyer in your area a click away. Once stopped, the recording automatically uploads to our remote server for safe keeping and use in later legal proceedings if necessary. WARNING: Every time this button is activated, recording and uploading will begin, this may incur data charges from your wireless provided that YOU will be solely responsible for.
  • Under the Educate Me section the user will find helpful information including rights education, an informational Blood Alcohol Calculator, tips on how to avoid a DUI, and a searchable database by State. Oh Crap App is the ONLY resource that educates users on their legal rights across the entire nation, based upon their location at the time the app is used. The legal rights, lawyer, taxis and bondsmen listings provided by the app will differ based upon your geographic location at the time the app is activated as shown by your GPS coordinates. Every State has different laws so the goal of Oh Crap App is to provide you with the State-specific rights and best lawyer to contact in that region in your time of need
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