Education. Prevention. Protection.

You don’t have to be a criminal to be stopped by law enforcement. Oh Crap App helps eliminate the primary excuses that law enforcement uses to stop citizens for non-moving violations.

  • Expiration Reminders – Expired drivers licenses, registration and insurance can increase a driver’s risk of being pulled over as well as make an unpleasant traffic stop significantly more miserable and expensive. Oh Crap App provides users a place to input their expiration dates and provides a reminder to the user prior to the expiration date.
  • Stop Avoidance Checklist – Oh Crap App takes users through the Stop Avoidance Checklist which is designed to help eliminate the top-5 excuses used by law enforcement to stop otherwise law-abiding citizens.
  • Risk Meter - Complete the registration and Stop Avoidance Checklist to receive your exclusive Oh Crap App risk assessment. The risk assessment requests information that research shows affects your likelihood of encountering law enforcement. The more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate our risk assessment can be.
  • Training - Use the Training section of Oh Crap App to not just learn your legal rights, but to practice effectively exercising your rights. Knowledge that is not put to practical use is soon forgotten. Confidence in applying what was learned is lost. Exercise your mind while exercising your rights so that you will know how and what to do in a very stressful moment.
  • Advice - Contacting an attorney in your area during your time of need can mean the difference between a later accusation resulting in a conviction or a dismissal. During any investigation, the sooner an attorney is contacted the better the individual’s rights can be protected. Oh Crap App provides users with quick contact information for participating partner attorneys in their geographic region. Don’t see an attorney in your area feel free to refer your trusted lawyer to Oh Crap App.
  • Recording - When initially opened, Oh Crap App automatically begins an audio recording. You can skip past this function and a recording will not be made or saved. However, if you need to record an interaction with law enforcement Oh Crap App is there for you and will save and upload the recording to our server when the recording is completed. The recording will be available for retrieval and use at a later date. WARNING: Every time a recording is saved, uploading will begin, this may incur data charges from your wireless provider that You will be solely responsible for.