The Oh Crap App serves three primary functions – Engage, Educate, and Equip.

The goal of Oh Crap App is to engage individuals who enjoy socializing but insist that their legal rights be respected and protected. The engagement function is accomplished through the “Crap Chat” function being released in version 4.0. Education is accomplished through the legal rights education and we equip users with tools such as an informational blood alcohol calculator, taxi quick contacts and the audio recording function.

  • Crap Chat - Crap Chat allows users to post and receive notifications about events of interest taking place in their community. They can post and receive notifications of special offers from surrounding businesses such as bars or restaurants. They can also post and receive alerts regarding law enforcement activities in their community such as speed traps, road blocks or other events of interest. Users can receive actual push notification alerts and can scale the distance of events from their location that they want to receive alerts on. In order to post an event though a user must first register their device with a validated Facebook or Twitter account so that Oh Crap App can do their best to ensure accountability for accuracy of posts. Vote an event up or down if it is still in progress or has terminated. False or inappropriate posts will result in suspension of posting privileges.
  • Oh Crap! Button - The large red “Oh Crap!” “help now” button provides the user with a crash course on their legal rights when confronted with law enforcement and also gives them access to the recording function to assist in documenting their encounter. When stopped, if data service or wifi is available to the user, the recording uploads to the Oh Crap App remote server for safe storage and use in later court proceedings if necessary. Additional data charges may be incurred at the users sole expense.
  • Educate Me - Under this section, the user will find helpful information that educates them on their legal rights with state specific information regarding drunk driving rights that vary from state to state. The app is programed to provide the user with the legal rights for the state they are located in based upon their GPS location at the time the app is used. This is the ONLY resource available in the nation that functions in this manner. The rights education under this section is applicable to more than just drunk driving cases. Questions like: Can I record law enforcement? Do I have to consent to a search? Should I answer questions? and do I need a lawyer? are all answered under the Educate Me section. It also features a free informational Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator, tips on how to avoid a DUI and a searchable database by State.
  • Emergency Help - Sometimes contacting a lawyer is the best way to respond in a questionable situation. Oh Crap App is programed the put the user into contact with lawyers in their area with just a click of a button. Need a bondsman? We have that covered as well.