Oh Crap is a mobile application for iOS and Android, that gives our users access to the resources needed to help when they have any interaction with an officer, stay up to date on events going on in their communities, have access to lawyers in their local area and ultimately enable our users to record their interaction with authority that is sent directly to our server.


There are 2.6B smart phone users globally pacing to hit 6.1B by 2020. The world is moving towards mobile. What are you doing for mobile marketing? We provide a platform with users in your area who have “at-risk” behavior who may need your services due to some encounter with officers.

We currently have three membership options available to our lawyer partners. All memberships are month-to-month with a 30-day cancellation policy:

Bronze: $99 mo Silver: $175 mo Gold: $375 mo
Basic Profile – Quick Call function + Name and address will be posted in the app and on the website. Listing order based off location to the user (Silver members will take priority over Bronze members) Listing order based off location to the user (Gold members will take priority over Silver and Bronze members)
Lawyers are ordered based on proximity to user. (If Silver or Gold members exist in that state, Silver and Gold are displayed above Bronze members) Full Profile - Quick Call function + Basic profile plus link to firm website & email contact. Advanced Profile – Priority Display. Quick Call function + Name, Address, Website, E-mail address, Short Statement & Logo/Photo.
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Carmichael Caldwell III, Business Development Chair