Reviews by actual users!

“The Oh Crap! App is the go-to smartphone app for anyone who wants to know their legal rights when confronted by law enforcement. The app has a built in recorder and am option to immediately contact a lawyer in your area. The app is nationwide with every state’s laws.” - Peter

“This app is anything but crap! What a great app for quick access to important information! Thanks to the legal team at GRL Law for providing this tool that will undoubtedly come in handy for many!” -Tom Osborn

“Ingenious app! Honestly, I would recommend your services to anyone for 2 reasons. 1: I find your websites extremely thorough and informative rather than the touch on and move on kind of vagueness I see in most other legal websites. 2: The absolute genius of this application blows my mind! Superior marketability. I have already recommended your office and will be posting a link to this application on Facebook” Shaney Troxel

“Keep cops somewhat honest” – Gerard Butler

“Easy to use & very informative! Makes complicated laws easy to understand & apply.” – Ashley Sparks

“Fight back! “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” Then we shall arm ourselves with knowledge and fight back against ignorance and intimidation. Great app!! Make more like this that easily shows people their rights.” – Dan Burkard

“Love this I now know my rights!!” – Tony Starks